novel ghosts

Before January of 2018, I had yet to write a book. I had plenty of ideas bouncing around in my head, and I certainly had the desire to write a book, but I hadn’t been able to actually make much happen… other than drawing odd maps and listing out plot points and character names— signposts in some sort of void.

But then, in January 2018, I started writing something, and I stayed with it. I had just made my way through several exciting, major life changes, and I finally found that I had some space and time to think. I can’t tell you what a feeling it was to look down at my computer screen and realize that I had written 100,000 words that all belonged to the same book. Words that together, more or less, told a story. If you’re a writer or artist or anyone who has ever labored over a longterm project, you know the feeling— or you know your version of the feeling, I would imagine.

But when I started revising the book, and I got lost.

So, I walked away from the project… and wrote another book.

I started revising that book, and I got lost again.

So… yes, I wrote another book.

And here I am, revising my third book, determined to do things differently. My other two books are sitting in my writing program, staring at me like sad little ghosts. I will come back to them one day, even if it’s only to leave them in peace, once and for all. For now, however, book three has my heart, and it has my attention. I don’t want to see it slip away.

So, whatever this site becomes, I hope it will be the story of keeping my third book from slipping away. This site is part of my attempt to do things differently. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catalogue some successes alongside the inevitable failures, and maybe, with time, I won’t have so many novel phantoms running riot in the innards of my laptop.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll join me as I go!